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Program Objectives
Last Revision Date 1/12/2016

The primary responsibility of our school is to provide a quality educational program for young children. In meeting this responsibility, the preschool will strive to:

Enrich our Catholic faith through special para-liturgies, prayers, art activities, and themes.

Encourage social development by providing opportunities for sharing, taking turns, making friends, resolving conflicts, solving problems, helping others, recognizing and accepting others, cooperating on projects, and building self-esteem.

Encourage emotional development through verbal expressions of thoughts and feelings, experiencing rules and limits, experiencing kindness, justice and empathy, and recognizing and accepting emotions in others. To develop a respect for other individuals.

Develop responsibility for one’s own actions in self help, health, safety, and interpersonal areas, and to exercise appropriate independence.

Encourage the physical development of large motor skills through outdoor and indoor games and activities, as well as fine motor development through the use of manipulative toys, blocks and puzzles, and other small tools and objects. To facilitate the development of visual-motor skills.

Encourage interest in language through stories, puppetry, the housekeeping corner and its equipment, music, games, science materials, dramas, problem solving, and other conversations.

Encourage creativity by offering many kinds of materials and frequent experiences in music, art, dramatics, literature and oral skills.

Facilitate intellectual development by widening the child’s experience in order to increase knowledge, basic concepts, and skills.

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