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Parent-School Communication
Last Revision Date 10/20/2015

A monthly newsletter of events, special activities, reminders, book orders, etc. are sent from the teacher and school office. Many important notices will be coming home via the newsletter. Please check your child’s tote bag for important information and please
check your email regularly

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled in January for children in Pre-K four and five. This is an opportunity to share our observations regarding your child’s development.

All notes, flyers, and announcements sent through the preschool must be approved by the director.

Parents are welcomed to visit the school but for the safety of the children you must check in at the front desk. Anyone entering the preschool will be accompanied by a staff member at all times.

If an injury occurs at school, an injury form will be filled out for parents to read and sign. This procedure is used so that you can have full information regarding the incident. A child who bumps their head will have a head injury form completed and the office will
contact a parent to inform them of the report.

All information on the emergency and authorization card, and in your child’s file must be kept current. It is your responsibility to inform the office of changes such as:

  • home phone and address
  • work place phone number of parents
  • persons authorized to pick up your child and their phone number

The staff will make every attempt to notify parents via the phone or by written note whenever a situation arises that we feel you should be aware of. We request that parents keep the staff informed of your needs, concerns, and feelings.

Parents may email any concerns to the administrative staff or teachers at the following email addresses:

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