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Arrival and Dismissal
Last Revision Date 10/20/2015

Cars will form a line on Sherbrook facing Sylvan. Please do not turn into the preschool drive until a staff member comes out at 8:25 a.m. Please follow the same procedure for dismissal at 11:45 and 2:45. Car pool signs MUST be used to ensure a speedy dismissal. Please, hang your sign from your rearview mirror. Please NO CELL PHONES DURING CARPOOL.

Preschoolers must be seated on the passenger’s side of the vehicle to ensure their safety when exiting or entering the vehicle. Staff members are not allowed to walk between cars when unloading and loading children to vehicles. During car pool drop-off the preschoolers are required to remain in their car seats or buckled in a seat belt until a staff member removes them from the vehicle. Our staff is required to buckle all children in a car seat when loading them into a vehicle.

NOTE: By LAW, we can NOT put a child in any vehicle without a proper car seat.

Please be courteous to our neighbors and do not block driveways during car pool. Never leave your car parked in the driveway with the motor running when dropping off or picking up your child. This is a safety precaution for children on our playground.

It is disruptive to all the children when your child arrives late. Please make every effort to be prompt as your children will miss instructions for their daily lessons. All “check-in’s” MUST arrive by 10:00 a.m. with a doctor’s excuse. Children will not be admited after 10:00 a.m.. St. Thomas More is a preschool, not a daycare center.

Children registered in the extended care program must arrive before 8:20 to avoid having to go through the car pool line. No one may park and walk their child into the building after 8:20 a.m.

A staff member will meet your child at your car each morning beginning at 8:25 and will return the child to your car when school is over at 11:45 and also at the 2:45 dismissal. It is imperative, you are prompt in picking up your child. A babysitting fee of $1.00 per minute for the first five minutes and $5.00 per minute after that will be assessed when children are picked up after 12:00 from preschool and 3:00 from second dismissal.

For safety's sake, children must never be left without direct transfer to an adult.

We will release children to authorized persons only. If necessary, photo identification may be requested by the staff before the child is released. Parents must notify the school when someone different is picking up their child. These rules are for the safety of your children.

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