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St. Thomas More Preschool Dress Code
Last Revision Date 10/20/2015


The preschoolers are required to wear school uniforms. They may be purchased at School Time or Inka’s. Tee shirts and sweat shirts may also be purchased at School Time.

Boys: Khaki shorts or slacks (with an elastic waistband, NO belts), a navy polo shirt with the school logo, preschool tee-shirts and sweatshirts are acceptable. A white or navy turtleneck-knit shirt may be worn under the tee shirt and polo shirt in cool weather. If an undershirt is worn, it must be white or navy in color.

Girls: Preschool dress worn with uniform shorts or bloomers [bloomers or shorts MUST be worn under any dress or skirt] khaki skort, short, or pants, a navy polo with school logo, preschool tee shirt or sweatshirt. A white or navy turtleneck or a mock turtleneckknit shirt may be worn under the dress and tee shirt or polo shirt in cool weather. Length of dresses may NOT be below the knee. White or navy tights / fitted leggings may be worn in cool weather. Jewelry is NOT permitted. If ears are pierced, only stud earrings are to be worn.

Rubber sole TENNIS shoes are a must on the playground. NO boots, sandals, crocs, “Toms”, ballet slippers, etc. are allowed. NO light up or sparkle shoes are allowed. All shoes should fit properly to ensure your child’s safety. NO oversized shoes, please. TENNIS SHOES ONLY. White or navy socks MUST be worn at all times.

Sweaters and jackets are your choice. Your child's name should be clearly marked in ALL clothing and belongings to ensure the return of all proper possessions and clothes.

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