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Medications Administered
Last Revision Date 10/20/2015

The program’s medication policy states: Our staff is permitted by state law to administer prescription medications and over the counter medications to your child provided the medications are brought to the preschool in the original prescription bottle accompanied by an appropriately completed and signed medication permission form. Do not put medication in your child’s tote bag. The staff member assigned to give medications will follow the instructions on the medication container and the parent instructions on the permission sheet for any specific instructions. Medications are administered at 12:00 and 3:30. We cannot administer medications at any other times during the day.

The staff member administering medications will note on each child’s permission slip the time, date, and their signature. If medication is not administered on time, and it is more than an hour past the administration time, the parent will be contacted for further advice. After completing the medication cycle, the empty bottle or container is returned to the parent. With a parents written permission we may administer Tylenol and Benedryl if needed.

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